Garage Doors Indianapolis, IN

There are a lot of different types of garage doors Indianapolis that vary in style and prices. Regardless of the type of garage door you choose to purchase, it’s important to make sure you take care of that door. A garage door is an investment and even if that investment was on the lower end, you still want to make sure your money keeps working for you and your investment lasts as long as possible. This is why contacting our Garage doors Indianapolis service is essential because apart from the repairs and replacements, we offer preventive maintenance packages to help you keep the doors looking new.

Why call in our garage door service?

Proper garage door maintenance can reduce the chance of costly repairs. It can even reduce the chance of you needing to replace your door or the opener. The better quality doors will have better quality parts designed to last for an extended period of time. Even the lower quality doors have parts that are designed to last for a certain period of time. And if you need new installation of garage doors, our huge inventory will help you make the best selection because we directly source all garage doors from manufactures, we have lower prices. Additionally our technicians work on complete maintenance of the doors allowing you to enjoy the doors for long.

Our trick to maximize the length of life in your garage door is to make sure we regularly maintain it. We take the time to make sure the doors are maintained as that can sometimes extend the life of them, which means that there’s the possibility that they’ll last longer than the lifespan mentioned by the manufacturer.

There are many parts of garage doors Indianapolis that will require our professional service in order to maintain properly. It’s not recommended that you try to fix these parts yourself or maintain them yourself. But there are a few things we do to extend the life of your garage door and possibly make it last longer. Some of the maintenance that we can do is a visual inspection which may be easy. By visually keeping tabs of the condition of the components of the garage door means that we’ll catch any problem before it becomes a major one which makes any inspection work it.

Complete the visual inspection every three to six months

A visual inspection requires that you look for loose hardware, rust, broken or bent parts, cable wear both inside and out. Raise and lower the door and watch for any hitches or jerks. We use a lubricant (a true lubricant, possibly silicone based depended on the manufacturer instructions) on all the latches, springs, tracks, rollers and hinges. We use it to clean all the parts before we use the light lubricant. Keep the inside and outside of your garage door clean with a standard household detergent. If you have a metal door, you can try using car wax on the door to maintain the finish and can be used to keep the door clean. You may need to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure this is acceptable.

Licensed, bonded and insured service

As a licensed and insured service, all the technicians and repair crew that we employ has the necessary Workers compensation provision to cover them in case of any accident which allows you to call us anytime without the fear of any accident. With excellent better Business Bureau accreditation, we have excellent feedback and recommendations that translates as hundreds of returning customers and referrals every year. Call us now and let us help you get the best service.